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Dear reader, we invite you to be a part of the 4th Congress of Engineering, Science and Environmental Management of the Mexican Association of Engineering, Science and Environmental Management (AMICA), which in this edition, joins efforts with the 5th International Conference of Greening of the Industry Network to explore innovative methods of linking national and international efforts on environmental issues.

The joint congress will be held October 28-30, 2019 in Mexico City.

The Congress comprise the most relevant issues that are currently being debated on a national and international level, such as the generation of energy from renewable sources, the objectives of sustainable development, climate change, sustainable water management, or the smart industry, among many others.

The association of AMICA and GIN will allow analyzing the experiences that the industrialized economies have obtained in advanced manufacturing and will allow a discussion that favors sustainability.

The slogan "Environment and Governance: Innovation towards sustainability" seeks to inspire researchers, decision makers, officials, entrepreneurs, industrialists, teachers, students and professionals to engage in discussions and share experiences through technical-scientific work and master lectures by prominent persons in the field.


Why should you attend?

The conference aims to establish itself as a forum for reference and innovation regarding environmental issues. It will be a 3-day event to be held at the Engineering Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in Ciudad Universitaria in Mexico City, from 28 to 30 October 2019.

In this edition, two congresses join forces: the AMICA National Congress and the GIN International Conference. This collaboration strives to promote the sharing of experiences, encourage discussions on advances in scientific and technical knowledge, and contribute to strategies that allow us to move towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, expand networks of contacts, and provide opportunities for research and learning.

The organizing committee encourages the participation of public such as:



Publishing opportunities

Abstracts considered innovative and relevant will be selected for publication on one of the routes traditionally followed by both GIN and AMICA. It is necessary to mention that if selected, the author understands that he must adjust his work to the specific times and guidelines required by the editors.

2.1 Publication of the abstract in the special issue Supply Chain Management, Industry 4.0, and the Circular Economy”, journal “Resources, Conservation and Recycling” (impact factor 5.12).

2.2 Publication of the abstract as a Chapter in a book edited by Springer in the series "Greening of Industry Network Studies" which to date has 6 books already published.

2.3 Digital publication of AMICA's ISSN reports.